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I used to have a great little app on my PDA (I can't even remember what it was called) that let me manage my bank accounts.  Simce it died I've just been using excel, but I'd rather have something purpose designed.  I had a look on Google Play and there is a huge number out there, all doing slightly different things.  Does anyone have any personal experience/recommendations?

I don't need anything very sophisticated (for instance I have no interest in doing pie charts of my expenses), but I need an Android app that can:

Hold a number of different accounts
Use £
Carry forward repeating items
Have a sensible number of different expense headings - say at least 20
Be backed up to my PC
Convert to excel or csv files

It would also be nice to be able to transfer money between accounts, but this isn't a must-have.

Does anyone have any ideas?  I'm happy to pay for one that does the right things!

Date: 2014-11-24 08:13 am (UTC)
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These are full accounting software rather than money management.

You could use VT cashbook (free) if you were willing to use your laptop rather than android. Although VT is very old school, it is one of the least irritating pieces of accounting software I've had to use.

The only phone based one I've used is xero which would be silly money for personal banking and is very clunky as it's really meant for non accountants.

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