Dec. 4th, 2012 01:58 pm
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So, um, yes, the hip operation.

I apologise for keeping quiet about this beforehand.  To be honest, I found the whole thing quite stressful and was trying not to think about it too much, which is my usual response to Very Worrying Things.

To go back to the beginning, I've had a problem with a pain at the top of my right hip for some time now.  It seems quite likely that it was a running injury.  Sometimes it was worse and sometimes it was better, but I haven't been able to run and when it has been bad walking upstairs has been quite painful, and it has occasionally kept me awake at nights.  I have been able to walk on the flat, ski and row, so although it has put a serious crimp in my general fitness I have more or less been able to manage. 

After months of physiotherapy, and osteopathy, and sports massage, my osteopath said:  "Anne, it isn't getting any better.  I think you should go for some scans."  I had an X-ray which showed that there wasn't a problem with the bone, and an MRI scan, which showed that there were actually a couple of problems very close together, which were a small tear in the cartilage at the front of the hip, and a small tear in one of the muscles where it attaches onto the femur.

The consultant had been vaguely muttering about keyhole surgery, which I had understood to be minimally invasive, and quick to recover from, so when he said I would need four weeks off work and at least three months of physio I was a bit gobsmacked and forgot to ask him any of the really important questions, such as "How many of these have you done, and what was the success rate?"  I actually had to arrange another appointment with him so I could ask the right questions.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I had the operation on Thursday, and it seems to have gone well.  He says that he has fixed both the problems (although I could have sworn that when he explained it to me he was only going to do the cartilage, and hope that physio would sort out the other, but whatever.)  I am getting about quite well on crutches, have about four pages of physio exercises to do three or four times a day (which I am doing) and a bag full of painkillers.

Michael says people have been asking about visiting, to which the answer is yes, please do if you would like, it would be lovely to see people, and I am not really getting out much at the moment.


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