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For some years now I've been having a problem with one of my molars.  It's been sensitive to pressure,and increasingly to hot and cold. I changed dentists because my old one filled it twice and still couldn't fix it.  Jenny, my new dentist, took X-rays which were unrevealing and said, "Well, I can try to fill it again, or you can wait till it gets worse."  On the grounds that filling it again still might not work I decided to take the waiting option.

It got worse, then a bit fell off just before we went to Jordan last year.  I rang the dentist from the airport.  "Are you in pain?" asked the receptionist.  "No."  Then keep it clean and we'll see you when you get back."  I went round Jordan with a bottle of the most disgusting mouthwash I had ever tasted, which I used twice a day after brushing.

Anyway, when I got back Jenny was away on holiday, so her colleague Harold filled it.  Hurrah, I thought.  Now surely it will be fixed.  But it wasn't.  Although it was less sensitive, I could still feel it when I bit down on small hard things, like seeds and black pepper.

Then a few weeks ago another bit fell off.  "If this doesn't work we'll have to put a crown on it," said Jenny, as she filled it again.  It held until the Eastercon, when I noticed a large crack had formed on the inside face.  As it happened I had a hygienist appointment on Wednesday, so I asked her about it.  She took a look, consulted Harold, who said that it needed to be fixed as soon as possible.  So I made an appointment for two weeks' time, which is the earliest anyone could see me.

And now today, the bit where the crack was has fallen out.  It would be comic if it wasn't so annoying (and potentially painful).  So it's back to the mouthwash and keeping it clean.  How fortunate that I have half a bottle left after the Jordan episode.

I feel I should mention that over the years Jenny has done a lot of good work on my teeth and all the others have been fine.  It's just this one.  I think I'm going to take to drink.  Alcohol - that has an antiseptic effect, doesn't it?


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